During Blood Clot Awareness Month, the Rowan Foundation is proud to be engaged with the community as we work to raise awareness. An annual tradition since 2005, when a U.S. Senate bill declared March Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month, this yearly recognition serves as an important platform for the clotting community to unite in its mission to enhance public understanding about venous thromboembolism.

This year, the Rowan Foundation’s work during Blood Clot Awareness Month takes on a new dimension, as we expand our growing inventory of web-based resources to encompass genetic clotting disorders and genetic testing. With the unveiling of these new resources, our aim is to deepen awareness and understanding of these inherited conditions, empowering individuals and families to navigate their health journeys with greater insight.;laptop with the word 'content' on the screen and highlighted with a purple banner that says 'new'

In addition to providing essential educational materials, we are committed to amplifying personal narratives and experiences within the clotting community. With this issue of our quarterly e-bulletin, we are honored to feature several personal stories that provide valuable insights into the intersection of women’s health and clotting. These personal stories give voice to the patient experience and play a crucial role in informing and inspiring others. If you would like us to share your story this month, you can submit it here.

Lastly, as part of our 2024 Blood Clot Awareness Month activities, we’re excited to introduce a new, recurring social media theme centered on wellness and self-care. Each Wednesday, please join us in exploring strategies for maintaining optimal health and preventing blood clots through successful self-care practices. We encourage you to share your own wellness tips and experiences, fostering a dynamic dialogue that enriches our collective understanding and support network. To participate, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter/X and share your insights using the designated hashtag #clotcarewellness. Alternatively, you can contribute directly by emailing us at [email protected].

We look forward to recognizing Blood Clot Awareness Month and contributing to the community’s long-standing tradition of improving blood clot awareness this month to effect meaningful, lasting change that can help to save lives.