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The Cornerstone of the Rowan Foundation Efforts

The Rowan Foundation has played an instrumental role in the blood clotting community since 2013, when it first began its mission-driven outreach and educational efforts related to the continuum of blood clot risks women face throughout their lifetime, including family planning and birth control, pregnancy and childbirth, and the treatment of menopause symptoms with hormone therapy.

During this time, the Rowan Foundation has been focused on education and raising awareness about the risks of dangerous blood clots in women’s health, reaching millions of women with potentially life-saving information.

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2024: Focused on Potentially Life-Saving Insights

In 2024, the Rowan Foundation is excited to evolve and expand its efforts with a focus on genetic testing in thrombophilia to 1) increase blood clot risk identification 2) sharpen accuracy and expediency of blood clot diagnoses and 3) improve outcomes and save lives.  This new work will help to elevate the clotting community’s recognition of the emerging promise of genetic testing used to inform decision-making relative to women’s reproductive health, including contraception options, pregnancy and childbirth, and the treatment of menopause symptoms with hormones.

2023: Recognizing the Rowan Foundation’s 10-Year Anniversary

In 2023, the Rowan Foundation recognized its 10-year anniversary, and realized significant gains associated with its communications and educational work. The organization unveiled its new “Women’s Health & Clotting Quarterly,” and also created an extensive suite of resources focused on contraception decision making.
View and download the Rowan Foundation’s 2023 Stewardship Report: 2023 Stewardship Report

2022: Sharpened Strategic Focus

In 2022, the Foundation sharpened its strategic focus, wholly revamped its communications and outreach efforts, and added a spectrum of new tools and resources to elevate the impact of its work.
View and download the Rowan Foundation’s 2022 Stewardship Report: 2022 Stewardship Report

Academic Partnership

Our work with the University of Houston is ongoing, and we are proud to fund internships, writing contests, and the University of Houston Boldface Conference for Emerging Writers. We’re always excited about our work with the University, and enjoy the hands-on collaboration we have with an academic institution situated in our local community.

To read more about our plans in this arena, click here: University of Houston Partnership Activity 2024.

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