About the Rowan Foundation

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Rowan Foundation

Dedicated to helping reduce the number of lives lost due to preventable blood clots.

The Rowan Foundation was formed in 2013 by the family of Alexandra L. Rowan, just after she lost her life suddenly, at the age of just 23, to a massive pulmonary embolism (MPE) or blood clot in her lung. Alexandra’s only known risk for blood clots was her use of estrogen-based or hormonal birth control.


The Rowan Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is focused on contributing to the reduction of lives lost due to blood clots among women using hormonal birth control.
  • Improving awareness about the blood clot risks posed by hormonal birth control

  • Educating women about their potential blood clot risk factors as well as the signs and symptoms of blood clots and

  • Providing information and resources to help women make informed choices about contraception.

The efforts of the Rowan Foundation help to fill crucial information gaps about hormonal birth control and blood clots and, in doing so, serve the legacy of Alexandra Rowan, who lost her life at the age of 23 due to a blood clot in her lung.

In serving the legacy of Alexandra Rowan, the Foundation also aims to help college students who, as Alexandra did, are pursuing professional goals as creative writers. In collaboration with major academic institutions, the Rowan Foundation supports creative writing programs to nurture and fund internships, scholarships, and academically driven creative writing events.

Alex, Writing Major, with her proud parents

The Legacy: Alexandra L. Rowan

Alexandra Rowan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013, with a double major in writing and communications. Sadly, Alexandra’s life ended too soon. She died suddenly due to a blood clot in her lung. There was no warning. Alex experienced no clear symptoms of a blood clot. Her life journey ended, but her family vowed that her legacy would continue and the Rowan Foundation was formed in her memory.

As her father David Rowan notes in his book My Beautiful Memory, which he wrote as a testament to his daughter’s life, “Our Foundation’s work is a constant reminder of the inconsolable sense of loss…but it’s a burden that we will bear if it helps to lower the death rates. If other daughters’ lives can be saved through our efforts, then our long, dark voyage will have been worth the sadness and pain.”

Financial Accountability

All Rowan Foundation funds are dedicated to its mission of supporting education about blood clots risks and hormonal birth control, and the funding of academic programs focused on the creative writing pursuits associated with our select academic partners. Below are links to the financial reports associated with our Foundation since its inception in 2014.

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