Recently, my wife Roz and I, as the founders of the Rowan Foundation, had the opportunity to share the story of our family’s experience with clotting for a blog post featured on the website of 23andMe, a leading consumer genetics and research company. The company provides DNA genetic testing for health and ancestry, including a genetic health risk report that involves the two most common genetic variants linked to hereditary thrombophilia (factor V Leiden variant in the F5 gene and prothrombin G20210A variant in the F2 gene).

We are deeply grateful for this collaborative opportunity, and we encourage you to read to the blog post in its entirety on the 23andMe website: 23andMe Q&A with David and Roz Rowan.

Earlier this year, the Rowan Foundation created a spectrum of new educational tools related to genetic clotting disorders or thrombophilia, and the emerging promise of genetic testing for thrombophilia in contraception decision-making. The opportunity to share our story with 23andMe, and the millions of people who visit their website each month, provides a significant opportunity to reach a broader audience about these crucial health issues.

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