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The Value of Medical Stories

Medical storytelling plays an undeniably crucial role in healthcare. It allows individuals to validate their experiences while simultaneously helping and inspiring others.

People affected by blood clots or clotting disorders frequently report that the first thing they did when diagnosed was seek out the support of their peers. Therefore, when searching for peer support what people frequently find are personal stories that demonstrate, most importantly, that they are not alone. Also, equally important, personal stories help people see the path forward after a blood clot diagnosis or the loss of a loved one. At times, personal stories offer an important option to create a web-based memorial to family members and friends whose lives have been cut short by a blood clot.

We appreciate and respect the personal experiences that you graciously choose to share with others. With this in mind, we always work to make this a rewarding process for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to share such personal perspectives. At the same time, the process can be liberating and, without a doubt, will be inspirational to others.

My Story, My Voice

The Alexandra Rowan Foundation is honored to give voice to the personal stories emerging from the clotting community on our website and social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These stories reflect the personal experiences of women affected by blood clots due to hormonal contraception and other women’s health issues, including pregnancy and childbirth and also hormonal treatment of menopause symptoms. These common life stages all increase a woman’s risk for blood clots.

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