Without warning, Shelby’s life was suddenly cut short by a blood clot. Her mother Carol shares her story.

Shelby was a beautiful, unique, outgoing person who enjoyed life fully. She loved outdoor activities, and spent her spare time snowshoeing, rock climbing, cross country skiing, fishing, hiking with her dog, and spending time with her friends.

At the age of 19, Shelby had been using hormonal birth control, specifically a vaginal ring, for 18 months. She had just filled her last prescription when she suddenly collapsed and died with no warning signs at all.

Sadly, Shelby had planned to stop using the hormonal birth control ring before she passed away, but it was too late. Her autopsy confirmed that she had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT or blood clot) behind her left knee that had dislodged and travelled to her lungs. Shelby’s cause of death was reported as a bilateral pulmonary embolism (PE or blood clots in her lungs) due to the hormones from the vaginal ring.

Unfortunately, Shelby had no signs or symptoms of her blood clot. Had she known more about the risk for blood clots connected to hormonal methods of birth control like the ring, she may have chosen to use a different form of birth control.

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