Alexandra L. Rowan Foundation overview

In late 2013, shortly after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a double major in English and Communications, Alex died suddenly from Massive Pulmonary Embolism (MPE).

In order to make some good come out of this tragedy, her parents established the Alexandra L Rowan Foundation. Its two main goals are to help students with similar dreams to Alex, and to prevent the loss of more young women due to MPE.

These goals will be achieved via a close relationship with Pitt to provide grants and other incentives to students, and through medical research funding that will investigate MPE to improve the prevention and treatment of this condition.

Creative Writing Support

Writing-related Internships, Awards, and Seminars that will increase students’ prospects of a successful career in their chosen field

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MPE Research

Funding for medical research into the causes and treatment of Massive Pulmonary Embolism, particularly covering its relationship to young women and the contraceptive pill

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About Alexandra

Alex was a young woman with a love of many things but her main passion was writing.

All her written work was influenced by the other elements of her life; literature, animals, hiking and walking, music, and of course friends. She was known for her long, tight hugs and constant offers of tea.

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Financial Accounts

It is the aim of the Foundation that all funds raised will go to the two described activities.

Regular accounts will be published herein as soon as they are prepared to ensure total transparency.

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Alexandras Writing

Kent tried hard not to glare at the people staring at him and huddling together out of some faint herd instinct when he walked down the street. All he wanted was a roof over his head until the storm disappeared...

— from 'The Mage'

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