About Alexandra Rowan

The face of the Foundation

Alexandra Louise Rowan was born in London, England on August 21st, 1990. She was conceived at Bourn Hall Fertility clinic in Cambridge shire, a world-famous facility established by the ‘Father’ of In-Vitro fertilization, Mr Patrick Steptoe.

After a difficult premature birth at thirty-one weeks, the fantastic efforts of the neo-natal staff in University College Hospital paid off and she was released home shortly before the Christmas of 1990.

Alexandra’s Early Years

Although a Londoner by birth, Alex’s early years were spent in Oslo, Norway where she learned to ski and swim almost before she could walk!

After five years in Norway, the family moved to Houston, Texas where Alex thrived. She initially  attended Ascension Episcopal school where she discovered a talent for reading, writing, and art. These interests stayed with her throughout her life, and she was to win several school and local prizes for her work. Middle and High school was spent at the Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. Her time at Duchesne taught Alex how to study and carry out research; it also laid the foundation for several friendships that were to last her whole life. Throughout her time in Houston, Alex was active in lots of areas: Indian Princesses, which along with other groups gave her a love for camping and hiking; her school’s robotics team which satisfied the geek in her;  and Aikido, in which she earned a Black Belt and which inspired a love of anything Japanese.

A Huge Leap Forward

With several acceptances for different Universities, she picked the University of Pittsburgh and moved there in 2009 to begin student life on the beautiful Oakland Campus. Despite a bumpy freshman year (complete with the worst Pittsburgh winter in many years!) Alex was determined to stick things out and complete her degree at Pitt. More close and special friendships were formed during those four years of student life. Each year showed improved grades, and she achieved a double major in Writing and Communications, making the Dean’s list.

Independent Alex

Her time at Pitt transformed Alex from a typical teenager into a young woman with a strong streak of independence. Despite her parent’s best efforts, Alex wanted to make it alone in Pittsburgh. After graduation, and in short order, she quickly found a place to live, a decent job in her chosen field, and a boyfriend.

Entering the work-force, Alex’s life became that of a young adult – commuting, working, and enjoying herself. The world was her oyster until October 30th, 2013 when she collapsed on the way out of her office. Despite the best efforts of the Doctors and Nurses of Sanit Clare Hospital, she died five hours after collapsing.

Travel was a big part of Alex’s life. She made regular trips to England for hiking and visiting family. She got to see France and China, and many parts of the US. Her life was rich and full, like her spirit.

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