Photo of SophieIn July 2023, I gave birth to my first son. Leading up to his birth, I had attended A and E, or went to the emergency room, with memory loss, left side numbness and visual disturbances. I was told that I was dismissed as an overcautious first time mother. However, by then, I’d already had two mini strokes and my platelets were dangerously low.

As I went into labour, my platelets dropped below 50,000 and I was bleeding more than expected. I was rushed in for an emergency C-section and advised that both my son and I may not make it. Luckily, we did, but four days after his birth I became jaundiced and covered in bruising. I had labs done and it was established that I had a rare blood clotting disorder called TTP (thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura).

I was blue lighted or taken by ambulance to the local university hospital and immediately started on plasma exchange. By the time I arrived, my platelets were at 12,000. I’m lucky to be alive and wish I’d been listened to when I first attended A and E instead of experiencing pregnancy bias.


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