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The Cornerstone of the Rowan Foundation Efforts.

The Rowan Foundation has played an instrumental role in the blood clotting community since 2014, when it first began its mission-driven outreach and educational efforts related to the continuum of blood clot risks women face throughout their lifetime, including family planning and birth control, pregnancy and childbirth, and the treatment of menopause symptoms with hormone therapy.

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2022: A New Year and a New Independent Voice and Sharpened Focus

The Rowan Foundation is re-calibrating its strategic aims and sharpening its focus singularly on the risks of dangerous blood clots associated with hormonal birth control. The Foundation now aims to elevate its work and its profile to ensure the growth and continued success of our organization, as well as the legacy of our namesake, for many decades to come.
  • Unveil our newly updated website to reflect the expanded resources we make available here. We will continue to add potentially life-saving web-based educational tools, and be an important information source for millions of women throughout the world.

  • Share information and resources with women who are making important decisions about birth control and family planning. We have several programs aimed at college-aged women, including a digital advertising campaign, as we know college marks an important life-stage when women first leave their parents’ homes or head out on their own and make independent choices about birth control.

  • Increase the number of major college communities within which we plan our outreach efforts, expand our social media reach, and elevate our own voice through the addition of new social media channels. We also will be stepping up our media efforts, and looking to build relationships with others in the clotting community with whom we share common goals.

Academic Partnership

Our work with the University of Houston also will continue this year, as we will be funding additional internships and writing contests, and also now expanding our initiatives with the University of Houston Boldface Conference for Emerging Writers. We’re excited about our upcoming work with the University, and enjoy the hands-on collaboration we now have with an academic institution located in our local community.

To read more about our plans in this arena, click here: University of Houston Partnership Activity 2022.

Earlier Initiatives

At the outset of its educational work in 2014, the Rowan Foundation was partnered with the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA), and funded the organization’s Women & Blood Clots program from 2014 through 2021. That previous program effort spanned the spectrum of blood clot risks women face over their lifetime, ranging from birth control and family planning, to pregnancy and childbirth, and also the treatment of menopause symptoms later in life. During this partnership, the Rowan Foundation funded and partnered with NBCA to perform outreach activities that reached millions of women with important information about their blood clot risks, and also helped NBCA to launch a unique online support group and discussion community that today has more than 10,000 members.

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