Alexandra's Writing

Extract and full pieces written by Alexandra

Alex’s memory will live on through her many writing pieces. She wrote for fun, she wrote for pleasure and she wrote to exercise her creative mind.

Take a read of some of her work below. You will find a wide range of varying literature, from college and examination pieces to heartfelt emotional pieces.

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The Mage

Kent tried hard not to glare at the people staring at him and huddling together out of some faint herd instinct when he walked...

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Bluescale Academy

Bluescale Academy is a small academy near Craigstone, a mid-sized trading town. It is known for its massive library, remarkable tolerance of foreigners and...

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“Jesus Christ, that’s Enchanted Rock? You want us to climb that thing?” Sarah demands, her voice cracking a little. Jack glances at his cousin...

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No Rain

Memorial Park is one of the largest urban parks in the nation. It’s also Houston’s largest hotspot for golfers, runners, cyclists, and people with...

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It’s not you, it’s Z

“For the last time, Jazz, he’s not going to attack Danny. He only scratched me because I startled him.” Roark Wallace looked pleadingly at...

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