MPE Research

Massive Pulmonary Embolism is a serious and sometimes fatal condition that is more prevalent than commonly thought. The formation of blood clots that migrate to critical parts of the body causes many life-threatening problems.

In Alex’s case, the clot blocked-off the main artery into her lungs. In just a few hours she went from being a young woman with everything to look forward to in life, to a case for Medical Examiner’s office. There were no symptoms, there was no warning, death was sudden and swift.

In young women, the occurrence of MPE is strongly linked to contraception: Research to-date has shown that some of the newer generations of birth control pills create an increased risk of MPE. The aim of the Foundation’s MPE Research program therefore is to provide funding for on-going and future research focusing upon this link. It is also hoped that this work will ultimately lead to some sort of screening test or vetting program that can identify the women most at risk and thus mitigate the risk of MPE when they opt to use birth-control pills as their means of contraception.

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