demonstrating synergies with other aspects of the Foundation, this intern report comes from Grace Cooper who worked with our partner, NBCA:

“This summer I worked as a remote intern for the National Blood Clot Alliance, where I worked on a variety of long term projects that built on my past skills and helped me to develop more in areas such as research, outreach, and nonprofit work. My first project was to help draft a pitch letter to college and university health centers nationwide where the NBCA wanted to distribute information. My second long term project was to research and craft a sort of master document for contacting national sororities and how to best approach these organizations for the NBCA to distribute information, specifically about women and blood clots. I also had the job of contacting many thrombosis prevention and treatment centers that were listed on the NBCA website’s “Find a Doctor” page. My last project for NBCA was to craft 20 Facebook and Twitter posts for the NBCA’s different social media platforms.
I really enjoyed this internship and the different experiences it gave me. Support from the Alexandra Rowan Grant was absolutely invaluable to this experience. It allowed me to really dedicate my time and dive into my work at the NBCA, an organization I knew very little about before completing this internship. I’m so grateful for the time I got to spend with this great organization and all I’ve learned about blood clot symptoms and prevention.
Unfortunately, because I was a remote intern, I don’t have any photos from my internship site, but some of my social media posts will be going up on the NBCA’s social media platforms very soon! Thank you so much for your support in pursuing this opportunity!”

It’s always gratifying to hear that the experience was positive.