Time for another intern report:

“This summer I served as the editorial intern at Storyburgh, a not-for-profit online publication that writes the underreported story. Each week, our team, which included both supervisors, a visual intern and a marketing intern, met twice to discuss leads, pitches, stories, community engagement events and current social justice issues. During these meetings, we noticed immediately that the underreported story is always changing. Two years ago, news outlets rarely reported on police brutality. Two months ago, “white supremacy” did not appear on the New York Times front page. Further, we realized that context made all of these issues relevant. It matters which group is protesting and which group is counter-protesting. Earlier this week, Kathie Lee Gifford said she wishes newspapers would stop printing subject’s ages when their age isn’t germane. Every subject’s race, age, gender identity, sexuality, religion and socio-economic status matters.
Before this internship, I wrote as though I had considered every variable. After this summer, I know I never could again write in such a way. But I learned that including as many of these as possible, giving the full, factual and historical context to any issue in a short and simple manner allows the reader, or as I like to call them, the student, to learn that much more. Writing in any capacity gives others the ability to learn. Your support, for which I am ever grateful, allowed me to not only teach others, but to teach myself, that one more interview, one more question, and ultimately one more chance, can truly change one person’s world for the better.
Thank you endlessly for the chance to make a difference. It is my only goal in life to leave every person with new knowledge, encouragement or positive sentiment. Through this internship and with your support, I met many who see the greater purpose of writing. I met a woman who chose to write about her husband’s infidelity, allowing her to emotionally manage her life in a much healthier way than she had chosen before. I met a person who chose poetry as their escape from bullying, and who courageously read these poems back to their bullies. I met a man who received a college education, wrote famous novels and plays, and decided to share his love for reading, and chess, with his community. Each of these people, as well as both of you, have inspired me deeply to give back to those who give to me, especially those who give blindly to strangers.
I carry with me from this summer notebooks of interviews, pitches and leads that I will continue pursuing into the school year. Thanks to your support for allowing me to accept this internship, I have been asked to stay on the team and help Storyburgh better amplify the human experience. I look forward to uncovering more of Pittsburgh’s hidden stories and sharing them with the world.”

Good luck to Rebecca in her future endeavors.