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Alex loved to write, yet was aware that an English major does not necessarily graduate with good job prospects. She added a Communication major to her Writing major with the aim of making her skills more marketable post-graduation. This proved to be a successful strategy and she found work shortly after leaving Pitt.

Another big contributor to her employability was the fact that she had already gained real-world experience through prior summer internship and work.

The aim of the Foundation’s Creative Writing Support program therefore is to help students replicate this model and thus graduate with improved prospects of work. Working closely with the English Department of Pitt we have established a three-prong program:

  1. Rowan Internship grants for 5 to 7 students

    This funding will allow students to work as interns with relevant publishing, marketing, and other writing-oriented businesses during students’ summer breaks.

    The funds will make the internships equivalent to a typical summer job; students will therefore be able to gain valuable relevant experience whilst simultaneously earning money to help cover tuition and other university costs. The internships will also provide a valuable addition to their resumes that should increase job prospects post-graduation.

  2. Alex Rowan Writers Seminar and Workshop

    This event will be held on the Pitt campus every year. Well-known writers from all genres will spend time with students discussing their work and career, but more importantly will provide advice and input to students’ work so that they can improve the quality of their writing.

  3. Rowan Women’s Writing Competition

    Open to female students only, three monetary prizes will be awarded in the categories of Fiction, Non-fiction, and Poetry. These prizes will be handed out during a luncheon at the Writers Seminar and Workshop. Prize value will be sufficient to make it a desirable award that any student would love to receive. Candidates will be selected by Faculty from the student body.

All three of these awards are only available to currently enrolled University of Pittsburgh undergraduates.

Read more about available scholarships on the University of Pittsburgh’s English Department page or contact Nancy Kirkwood on 412-624-6508 or via email at

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