As 2018 begins, we’re attaching a summary table for the Foundation’s 2017 financials. Comments to the figures are given below:

  1. Our personal donation increased in order to cover the cost of our Medical Research Study that was published in Q3 of 2017
  2. Donations were up from the previous year. This included a generous contribution from Amegy Bank of Texas
  3. Under the ‘other costs’ row, this outlay included; $7,000 in prize money that is handed-out at the Annual Creative writing Festival; the cost of our attendance in Pittsburgh for the Festival, and; the cost of hosting our great conference in Scottsdale during October

2018 holds some promise,¬†including the publication of Alex’s writing, initiation of a new competition, and (with any luck) the development of a conference that will address health issues relating to the use¬†hormonal birth control.

Finally, after having some Techs look over the site, I’m advised that the ‘donate’ button is functional again. Feel free to test it!